Global Consultation The United Methodist Church and Working People
Atlanta, Georgia November 13-15, 1998

This page is linked to a few resources which follow up the Consultation, including audio tapes of all keynote presentations. A transcript of the Biblical/Theological keynote presentation is currently available; a few other transcripts may become available in the future.

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Audio Tapes of the Consultation Keynote Presentations

The following six audio tapes, which include all of the Consultation keynote presentations are now available. Each tape contains about 60 to 90 minutes of recorded material. Note that these are not professional recordings; the voice quality is good for most of the spoken presentations, and the brief musical interludes included on some tapes are clear, but not high fidelity. Contact GBCS Communications Department (c/o Shanta Bryant) for information on ordering tapes: 202-488-5600 E-mail:
1A The Clark Atlanta University Choir
"O Freedom" and "You Must Have That True Religion"
1A Voices That Challenge
1B Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice-President, AFL- CIO
1B Solidarity Action (instructions): Morris Brown College
2A Dr. Thom White Wolf Fassett, General Secretary, GBCS
2A-B Stewart Acuff, President, Central Labor Council, Atlanta
2B Addendum: Overview of Biblical Economics (Jubilee)
3A Rev. Darren Cushman Wood, North Indiana Conference
3A Rev. Pharis Harvey (GBCS)
3A-B Rev. Gary Mason, Belfast, North Ireland
3B Rev. Roland Annaguey , Northwest Philippines Conference
3B Rev. Daniel Malunda, North Katanga Conf., Congo
4A Rev. Vasni de Almeida, CESE, Brazil (presentation in absentia)
4A-B International Forum continued: Questions/Discussion
5A Art Kerschner, Jr., U.S. Dept. of Labor, "Child Labor Issues"
5B Economic Globalization: (second half of workshop)
Rev. Ngoy Daniel Mulunda presentation; group discussion
6A Labor Rights and Human Rights:
Thom White Wolf Fassett, Bishop Jesse Dewitt and others
6B Report from Consultation Listening Team
6B Closing Covenant Worship, Bishop Jonathan Keaton
"A Letter from Jeremiah"

Transcripts of the Consultation Keynote Presentations

At this time, one transcript is available on-line in HTML format. (Additional transcripts may be made available in the future if there is sufficient interest.)
Rev. Darren Cushman WoodBiblical/Theological Study

Other Resources

Here are a few resouces related to the Consultation theme. Additional resources and links may be added to this page if there is sufficient interest. (Contact:

Worker Consultation official web site.

[1] Christian Social Action, 11 (8) September 1998. A special issue on "The United Methodist Church and Working People." Circulation office: 100 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002. (202) 488-5617. (CSA is published by United Methodist General Board of Church and Society).

[2] Response, 30 (8) September 1998. Special issue on economic and worker justice. 1-800-305- 9857. (Response is a monthly publication for United Methodist Women).

[3] Sojourners, 27 (5), Sept.-Oct. 1998. Special issue on why the church needs the labor movement and vice versa. Sojourners Resource Center , 1-800-714-7474. (1-10 copies @ $3.95 ea; 11-49 @ $3 ea; 100+ @ $1 ea; plus shipping) Also see

Also see other pages at this site or for resources and links on related topics.

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