Globalization Resources

  • Economic Policy Institute
  • International Forum on Globalization
  • Jubilee [U.S.A.] [International]
  • United for a Fair Economy Popular education institute for various economic issues, including globalization, that relate to the growing dispaity between rich and poor in America and world-wide.
  • 50 Years is Enough Network. International Organization which monitors the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • Christian Aid (United Kingdom) One of the few church-related organizations that monitors public poicy on trade and globalization issues.

    Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)

    World Economic Forum

    The World Economic Forum met Jan. 21-25, 2004 in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos, attended by prominent world political and business leaders, including Vice-President Dick Cheny. who defended United States military action in Iraq, saying that democratic nations should use force to tackle terrorism and stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction if diplomacy failed.

    WEF members "represent the world's 1,000 leading companies, along with 200 smaller businesses, many from the developing world,...we understand our members' needs and work with them to find solutions to complex and crucial issues. Expert communities help provide us with guidance and information on challenging issues for business. Our International Business Council, of 100 leading CEOs, addresses pressing corporate issues -- from governance to free trade..."

    World Social Forum

    The World Social Forum (WSF) is an annual gathering designed as a creative alternative to the exclusive World Economic Forum. The session January 16-21, 2004 in Mumbai, India was attended by some 100,000 people from 132 countries. Special emphases included international peace work, sustainable development, and the civil rights struggle of India's Dalit (untouchable) people.
    In 2005 the WSF will return to Porto Alegre, Brazil, where previous annual sessions have been held since WSF's beginning in 2001; but the event may shift to Africa in 2006.

    World Trade Organization (WTO)

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