Economic Justice Links

  • Citizens for Tax Justice
  • Community Development Society [CDS Home Page] [CDS Resources] with links to many Internet resources.
  • Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
  • The Council on Economic Priorities evaluates the policies and practices of U.S. corporations
  • Executive Paywatch- CEO salaries.
  • CEO pay report
  • Corporate Watch
  • The Center for Public Integrity -- financial disclosure, by State, about corporate subsidies.
  • Economics links
  • Economics and Politics
  • Economic Policy Institute provides extensive analysis of U.S. economic data
  • International Forum on Globalization
  • Jubilee 2000 [U.S.A.] [International]
  • Links to U.S. Legislative issues, such as Taxes
  • Project on Corporations, Law and Democracy
  • Share the Wealth / United for a Fair Economy Popular education institute for various economic issues that relate to the growing dispaity between rich and poor in America
  • The Urban Institute - Research reports on a variety of topics.
  • U.S. Treasury -- includes press releases on economic topics.

    World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Citizen's Guide to the World Trade Organization
  • Public Citizen (extensive resources on the WTO; this is Ralph Nadar's organization, taking a major leadership role in organizing WTO protest in Seattle.)
  • Critical analysis of WTO policies (Friends of the Earth).
  • Links to various commentaries on the WTO.
  • World Trade Organization official website.
  • History and brief description of WTO (U.S. Department of Agriculture "fact sheet").
  • Many organizations will have representatives in Seattle to protest and challenge the agenda of the WTO. There will be daily gatherings at several venues, including First United Methodist Church, Seattle for education and strategizing sessions. See calendar of events for details.

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